Terms & Conditions

What is expected from our service.

Information submitted by suppliers through UPMC’s online registration process will be maintained securely by UPMC. UPMC will use such information in connection with UPMC’s selection and management of its suppliers, and for the purposes of UPMC’s Supplier Diversity Program.

UPMC will not sell, trade, share, or otherwise disclose identifiable supplier-submitted information to parties outside UPMC, except as required by law. At its discretion, UPMC may disclose compilations of such information without details that can be linked to individual suppliers.

UPMC has implemented security policies, rules, and technical measures to protect the supplier-submitted information that we have under our control from:

  • Unauthorized access
  • Improper use or disclosure
  • Unauthorized modification

All information submitted by suppliers through the online registration process must be accurate, complete, and not misleading. All supplier certifications or verified self-certifications as a minority, woman-owned, or disadvantaged business enterprise (MWDBE) must be truthful. Such certifications must be renewed annually. Inaccurate, outdated, or misleading certifications or other information submitted by a supplier may result in the supplier’s ineligibility for the Supplier Diversity Program. 

Completion of the online registration process by a supplier does not constitute final approval of the supplier by the Supplier Diversity Program. UPMC will conduct such further review of the supplier, including further requests for information if appropriate, as UPMC deems necessary.

A supplier’s participation in the online registration process for the Supplier Diversity Program indicates the supplier’s understanding of an agreement to these terms.